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Javascript Objects Examples | Creating , Accessing, Updating and Deleting Object and its properties

Javascript Object Properties with Examples

Javascript Objects hold data items in the key-value pair. They are different from arrays were we use the index to display the value in Objects we use the key to display values.

In array, the item value may be string, integer or boolean but in the object, they have value as a string, integer or boolean and also we can specify function inside objects something which we can’t do in arrays.

Creating Objects

There are two ways of creating an empty object. First, let us learn to create an object using object() method.

let student = Object();

//Console Output

Javascript Objects create empty object using Object class

Creating Object using curly braces.

let student = {};
//Console Output

Javascript Objects create empty object using curly or flower brackets

Inserting items into the object

We need to pass items with key-value pair inside curly braces this will insert items into the object.

var obj = {"name" : "Vikas", "age" : "19"};
var student = Object(obj);

//Console Output
{name: "Vikas", age: "19"}

Javascript Objects initialize properties by passing another object

Inserting using the shorthand method. This method gives the same output as the above method.

var student = {"name" : "Vikas", "age" : "19"};

//Console Output
{name: "Vikas", age: "19"}

Javascript Objects short-hand way of initializing properties by passing another object

Some more examples

Inserting items after initialization. To do that use object name followed by dot(.) operator and specify a key name and give it a value.

var student = {"name" : "Vikas", "age" : "19"};
console.log("Before inserting new items : ",student);
student.class = "PUC 2nd Year";
student.division = "A";
console.log("After inserting new items : ",student);

//Console Output
Before inserting new items :  {name: "Vikas", age: "19"}
After inserting new items :  {name: "Vikas", age: "19", class: "PUC 2nd Year", division: "A"}

Javascript Objects output of before and after inserting property to object

In the above example, the class, division is key and “PUC 2nd Year”, A is its values.

We also use dot(.) operator to access the value of the particular item or using square brackets and specifying key name inside them.

"PUC 2nd Year" //Console Output
"Vikas" //Console Output

"Vikas" //Console Output

"PUC 2nd Year" //Console Output

Javascript Objects displaying property values using dot operator

Updating Items inside Object

To update single item access that item using the key and assign it a value. = "John Dave";
"John Dave" //Console Output

student["name"] = "Bruce Wayne";
"Bruce Wayne" //Console Output

Removing Items

Use delete keyword to remove the item from the object.

var fruit = {"name" : "Apple", "color" : "red", "weight" : "56.75 grams", "quantity" : 15};
console.log("Before removing item 'color' ",fruit);
delete fruit.color;
console.log("After removing item 'color' ",fruit);

//Console Output
Before removing item 'color'  {name: "Apple", color: "red", weight: "56.75 grams", quantity: 15}
After removing item 'color'  {name: "Apple", weight: "56.75 grams", quantity: 15}

Javascript Objects remove specific property of object using delete keyword
When the item does not exist the object returns undefined.