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Javascript Strings properties and methods replace(), split() methods and length property etc.

Javascript Strings – Properties and Methods with examples

Strings are a sequence of characters in javascript. You can create a string using single, double or using string().


var sentence_one = "Very nice to see you";
var sentence_two = 'Good to see you';

//Console Output
Very nice to see you
Good to see you

Creating string using String() Class.

var desc = new String("It was a wonderful day.");

//Console Output
It was a wonderful day.

We’ll not be using this example in our tutorial so stick with first example.

Get string length

Every string has the property length which returns the count of characters including empty spaces.

x = "Hello World";
y = "HelloWorld";

//Console Output

Escape special character from string

Special Character Example

var string = "Welcome to pink city "Jaipur"";

As you can see that double quotes beside Jaipur are used for giving importance or highlighting. If we display the
above string we’ll receive Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier the error in console. This is because
the browser will consider both as same.

We can solve this by replacing double quotes to single quotes.

var string = "Welcome to pink city 'Jaipur'";

//Console Output
Welcome to pink city 'Jaipur'

Or else we can use a backslash \ to escape double-quotes.

var string = "Welcome to pink city \"Jaipur\"";

//Console Output
Welcome to pink city "Jaipur"

The first and second backslash will be before double-quotes.

var string = 'Welcome to pink city \'Jaipur\'';

//Console Output
Welcome to pink city 'Jaipur'

Concatenation of string

Concatenation means joining or appending two or more strings into a single string. To concatenate strings we
use + operator. It is to be noted by + is also an addition operator.

var name = "Chetan";
var age = 12;
var string = name+" will be "+age+" years old on this years birth day";

//Console Output
Chetan will be 12 years old on this years birth day

You can append strings and also numbers.

Split string in parts

split() a method is used to cut the string in parts this function returns an array of strings.


var names = "suresh, ramesh, vijay, kiran";

//Console Output
(4) ["suresh", " ramesh", " vijay", " kiran"]

console.log(names.split(",", 2));

//Console Output
(2) ["suresh", " ramesh"]

Replace string

This method replaces specified words or any other characters of the string and returns replaced string.




var names = "suresh, ramesh, vijay, kiran";
console.log(names.replace("vijay", "pavan"));

//Console Output
suresh, ramesh, pavan, kiran

You can see that the name “vijay” got replaced with “pavan”.It does not modify the original string.

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