In Python, Sorting is a systematically arrange the data as per the given criteria. These have a lot of applications and you will be studing this in-depth.

Python Loops are used for iterating over given list, tuple, sets or dictionaries. They can also be used to iterate over strings.

Python Sets are another datatype in python which are unordered and eliminates duplication of elements. Items are put one after another enclosed by curly brackets.

In Python, Tuple can be formed by placing a sequence of elements side by side separated by comma(,) inside parentheses. The difference between a `tuple` and `list` is that tuples are immutable(they cannot be altered or modified) whereas list can be changed and altered.

Python lists are arrayable elements which contain heterogeneous data values. It can have any numbers of rows. These lists can be sorted or modified.

Python string functions manipulate the string. In this post we'll learn about slicing, splitting, replacing and case conversion of string.