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Python Getting Started

Python Getting Started

Syntax :

Python scripts can be directly executed using terminal/cmd

print('Hello Python')

Hello Python

Executing using a file.

step 1 ) Go to the directory where your python script is located.

step 2 ) Open Command Line your file name example: python

Note: python must be mentioned before the file name.

Python code is easily understandable its emphasis on clean and efficient code. unlike any other server-side Programming language Python coding structure differs

Other programming language use {brackets} to structure code and for them. But Python indentation of code is for readability.

Example :

if 12 > 5:
    print('Yes Twelve is greater than Five')

Yes Twelve is greater than Five

Note : In above example their is :(colon) insisted of { (barckets) }

if 12 > 5:
print('Yes Twelve is greater than Five')

IndentationError: expected an indented block

Commenting in Python

# is used for commenting in python.

print('This line will be printed')
#print('This line will not be printed')

This line will be printed