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Python introduction

Python Introduction

Introduction to Python Programming
Currently, there are numerous programming languages out there which are used as a tool to solve real-time problems. Most of these programming languages such as PHP, Java, Go, C#, C++ etc has proved themselves as the best choice to develop highly scalable applications.

In recent users on the internet have generated a humongous size of data which cannot be handled by the traditional method of data processing.

This gave rise to the term Data-Mining is the process of analyzing insights by processing databases. The tools required gave rise to the term Data Science and `python` provides the solution to solve these problems.

Most of us have heard of Python Programming which is booming and most popular programming languages in the market.

Python Programming language is most popularly not just used for Machine Learning, Data Science and Analytics. But also Web Development, Desktop application, and mobile application programming.

Advantages of Python

  • Python makes use of English words which can be easily understood by beginners.
  • Increase in demand for Data Scientists has led to increasing demand for python programmers.
  • Python is open source and as a large community for support.
  • Automating tasks are easy with python.
  • Python can be used not only for a scientific purpose but also for general applications such as Web development(Django), Mobile App Development (Kwyi).